Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why CBS shouldn't care about Colbert's ranking and why the traditional CPM model is broken

Take a gander at this somewhat concerning title below about Stephen Colbert's slip to 4th place after Seth Myers in the late night rating battle:

Another very short analysis below:

Colbert's ratings can be attributed to several factors -

  • Colbert's divisiveness as a host (certainly not neutral on topics)
  • As an extension, CBS' likely trepidation as to letting him go back to his formerly bitey-er commentary style makes the divisiveness useless
  • Nerdiness factor that alienates both older and less educated viewers
  • Classiness factor that bores younger Youtube era viewers

On the other hand, I think CBS would be wrong in trying to pressure Colbert or threaten to cancel in any way while he catches his stride and can redirect any pressure coming from advertisers that want to push the traditional Cost-Per-Thousand(M) model to how valuable Colbert is to them out of 1 simple factor:

His viewers are likely a lot more valuable on an individual basis.

To put this into perspective, do the following fuzzy math in your head:

How many Wal-Mart shoppers are worth 1 George Lucas?
How many 13 year old Pew Die Pie subscribers are worth 1 Ivy League graduate?

It's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Interestingly enough, the ever-evolving online CPC/CPM marketing and the databases associated with them will lead to an interesting change in how viewers/demographics are valued, and will lead to more diverse and quality programming across all media.

Hopefully the Discovery/History/TLC guys will understand this as well and go back to their roots.

[Cynical view below]

On the other hand, this will likely extend into more in-depth valuing of social media shares due to marketer's ever growing demand for more information (than they actually need), drive creation of more intrusive and annoying styles of digital marketing, and what should be a great thing for content creators will turn into something ugly and mutated past its intended application like most things.

C'est le vie.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Is Google Spying on You? How to Adjust Google Privacy Settings 
funnily enough, google must adhere to eu rules and allow you to download all info they have on you.
and they do just that. can also turn off all the spying/marketing features for google if you wish, this stuff is really transparent: can also turn off your history on youtube that will pretty much shit you adds and recommendations.
personally i have every single thing google allows me to to turn off, turned off.
turning everything off, requires a tiny bit of googling, google is really transparent with these, things are not hidden, the settings are not hidden.
you can even opt out of the cookie they provide.
seems every single thing google tracks can be turned off, not hidden in any menus, but sometimes you need to know what to look for.