Friday, March 7, 2014

Reddit /r/freedesign - Brainstormville logo

Every once in a while we'll browse Reddit's /r/freedesign and pick a request based on merit/interest/however we're feeling at the moment.

No revisions
No more than 30 minutes of work
No one obviously looking to exploit free labor

This week: Brainstormville.
[Request] Need a logo for my consumer product design company. The company's name is Brainstormville, ideally play on the brainstorm of it. I was thinking a cartoony brain as a cloud raining or a storm coming from it. I have no artistic ability to do this. Thanks!

I'll gladly add a blog post about you or promote you on our company page once we publish it!  

Hope /u/charizzardd likes it.

Need a logo?

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