Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reddit /r/freedesign - F-Tac Canadian Shooting Gear T-Shirt

Every once in a while we'll browse Reddit's /r/freedesign and pick a request based on merit/interest/however we're feeling at the moment. This week: F-Tac

[REQUEST] - shooting company T-Shirt design 

I started up in Nov 2013 just doing some shooting gear for fun and things are going fairly well. With the warmer weather around the corner I'd like to get some T-shirts done up but need an original logo. The Logo /u/dtrford came up with for the company is awesome but I want something a bit more gun related for the shirt (that logo will be on the front, looking for something bigger on the back). A lot from my original design request applies so I have copied and pasted it with some updates for this project 
The logo What words or letters do you want included in your logo? Something that incorporates Canada flag or Maple Leaf and a gun (either AR or short barrel shotgun) 
Do you have a tagline? Do you want it to be included in the logo? Not yet, open to ideas/suggestions 
Provide five adjectives to describe your logo. Some examples are below. Masculine, explosive, modern, loud, clean
Tell me about your company: I am in the military and enjoy shooting on the civilian side. I have come up with a few ideas for products that a local company is going to be making for me. They also have a few products they have offered me at wholesale costs. Products include slings, side saddle shell carriers, dump pouches, tac vests/chest rigs and hats.

Explain what your company / organization is and does. My goal is to provide high end gear at affordable costs to people for recreational, competitive, and real life (military/leo) shooting 
How are you different than your competition? I plan on having lower prices while maintaining high quality gear. Also, the individuals helping me design and start up (including the company making the products) are all full time or retired military.

What are the benefits of your product/service? Low cost, high quality gimmick free gear.
What attributes of your business / organization would you like your logo to reflect? Pro gun, Canada, and quality products

How do you intend to market your company? Local gun clubs, facebook, and hopefully (good) word of mouth. Possibly a website/store in the future if all goes well. 
Goals and Objectives: What do you want to happen as a result of this project? I want to be able to provide shooters good gear at a low cost. Being military, a husband, and father I don’t always have a ton of money to go out and buy the most expensive nicest kit available. 
Identify long-term and short-term objectives. Short term goal is to continue selling locally and through some online forums. Long term, I would like to be able to set up an online store and sell through that. 
**Describe what you want designed:
Describe your aims and requirements in detail here — the more specific, the better. Tell the designers what is required, but also let them know where they’re free to be creative.** 
What key pieces of information / copy need to be included? I am very open but would like it to be simple for ease of screen printing (one or two colours) and include a Maple Leaf and gun 
Competitors Design Use Google to search for similar designs that you like, include at least (4), explain why you like them and what to include / exclude in your design It’s simple, clear that it’s firearm related, “pops” out at you’m not crazy about the skull but I like the guns beside the logo I like the bold letters and the cross hairs in it. It has a bit too much going on in the background though 
Do the same exercise but look for (4) competitors designs that you DO NOT like and explain why. too “American” (I’m Canadian). If it’s military related I’d like it to be country neutral or a bit towards Canadian (no stars and no rank insignia) Too “kiddish” and too much detail I don’t like the traditional paper target in the logo (or the hunting guns). The company is geared to “tactical/practical” bulls eye target shooting. this ones pretty simple, no punisher skulls please. 
Who is your target audience? Mainly males in the 18-30 range (or at least act like they are in that range) that are into shooting black and green rifles/shotguns. I’d like the logo to be something you would put on your own child though (no swearing, middle fingers, etc) 
Who are you trying to attract with your marketing message? Be specific. I’m trying to attract people who go out shooting for fun and like running high quality gear to use on their own or for work. 
What is the overall message you want to convey to your target audience? “Tactical/Practical” gimmick free gear that works and you can trust. 
Tone & Image: Funny / Casual / Formal / etc. What tone and imagery will be most effective, specific visual goals? Bold but also fun (without being childish). 
What colors would you like to see in your logo? (It is usually best to stick to one or two colors): These will be going on black, brown or olive green shirts so I’d like to stick with black/white (and possibly red)
here is the company logo (thanks to /u/dtrford)

Did you know Canadians also shoot guns? Neither did I.

Hope /u/f-tac likes it.


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